Lil Yachty may the self-proclaimed "king of the youth," but that hasn't stopped him from taking the occasional shot at grown folks like Joe Budden and Donald Trump. Recently, TMZ caught Lil Boat between flights, and inquired the Teenage Emotions rapper about his thoughts on LiAngelo Ball's recent arrest for shoplifting in China. Yachty is quick to shower the Ball family with praise, saying "I love the Ball family...Big Baller Brand man, they got some serious shit going on dawg...They got Big Baller lawyers, I'm telling Big Baller Brand need to send me some merch...I need that BBB merch." 

The conversation turned to whether or not Big Baller Brand's fame was a factor in getting LiAngelo out, when the cameraman alluded to Trump's interest in intervening on LiAngelo's behalf. While reports from Yahoo Sports indicate that Trump had a lengthy conversation with Chinese president Xi Jinping specifically about bringing Ball and his teammates home safe, Yachty is having none of it. "Fuck Donald Trump," says Yachty. "Nobody give a fuck about Donald Trump, it's money bro. If you have money, you can get out of anything, on God." The cameraman continues to press Yachty on Donald Trump, prompting king Boat to deliver a parting shot - "fuck that n***a."

In other Yachty news, the young rapper has recently announced something that will no doubt excite some fans, while putting the fear of God in others. Last week, Yachty revealed that he would be dropping a collaborative tape with Lil Pump, which seems to be dropping at some point before year's end. Yachty also promised that his upcoming Lil Boat 2 would be dropping before the end of the year as well, so if you're into the Boat, you'll have a nice batch of new music to look forward to.