A lot of people find some way to hate on Lil Yachty. Whether it's his music, his appreciation for hip hop or his attire, people find a way to send negative vibes to the self proclaimed King Of The Youth. I don't personally know him but from what I've seen in interviews, he seems to be a fairly friendly dude. However, a recent fan encounter said different but Yachty cleared the air.

In a since-deleted tweet, a fan snapped a selfie with Lil Yachty and captioned it, "Day 2, shopping and Lil Yachty is just chillin'. Don't be fooled, he wasn't friendly @lilyachty." Yachty ultimately saw the tweet and immediately cleared the air. "Things like this are so crazy to me.. because I literally stopped mid conversation and started talking to you and took a pic with you..lmao." 

He later tweeted out, "This is why I Lowkey don't like taking pics anymore cause people say crazy things in the caption.. that they don't state in real life."

The young "fan" who tweeted it took down the picture and also put her profile on private. There's a good chance Yachty fans weren't feeling her dragging the red haired homie through the mud like that. Regardless, it's clear Yachty isn't having anyone defame him.

Aside from strange fan encounters, Lil Yachty's been gearing up to drop Lil Boat 2. The rapper has also promised that he'll be delivering a new collaborative project with Lil Pump with possibilities of an accompanying tour to occur.

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