When you have racks on racks, it's hard not to spend them. Lil Yachty woke up this morning (March 29) and decided to stunt on everybody. The first thing on his mind after waking up? Buy a new car.  We imagine that Yachty pulled up to the dealership blasting his favorite cut off his new project Lil Boat 2. After completing the purchase, Lil Boat took to Twitter to announce his latest purchase. 

Fans of the rapper immediately responded, and made the case that if there isn't a picture, it didn't happen. Yachty must have agreed because he responded to his fans, alerting them to where they could see his new ride. 

Hopping over to Yachty's Instagram story, a clean video of the new whip can be seen. The glossy red brand new Dodge Charger looks clean with a matching ribbon posted on the hood. Yachty zooms in on the SRT Hellcat logo, to show fans that he's got some muscle underneath the hood. "6th Car" was the caption he chose for the video, reminding everyone that the gorgeous new ride was just another toy. Now that's ballin'.