On yesterday's episode of the Joe Budden & Akademiks hosted Everyday Struggle, Joe put some serious heat on Yachty over his lack of business acumen. Fans of the show are well aware of Budden's disdain for the record industry, and while his passionate tirades have spawned a collection of memes, he remains an experienced figure in the game. When Yachty revealed that he had no idea what a 360 Deal was, both Joe and Akademiks appeared dumbfounded. 

Today, Yachty took to Twitter to clear the air, assuring his fans that his business is straight. 

While Joe Budden can come off as brash, his points were pretty valid in this situation. Yachty is making a lot of moves right now, and it would be a shame if he wasn't seeing what he deserves because of simple ignorance. Here's hoping King Boat took the oppurtunity to inform himself on the business end, even if his original deal is on point.

Check out the original episode here: