Lil Yachty appeared on the Complex internet show Everyday Struggle yesterday to defend his honor against Joe Budden, who had attacked Yachty's hip hop credentials with a righteous fury. The encounter reached a fever pitch during the following exchange:

Budden: Tell me what you want from hip-hop.
Yachty: I don’t …
Budden: You don’t think that’s a question you should answer at some point?
Yachty: What do I want from hip-hop?
Budden: Or are you leaving all of this to [Quality Control] to figure out.
Yachty: Nah, I mean, I’m just — I’m making music, bro. I’m having fun! Nahmsayin’. My fans love it.
Budden: You’re gonna have a problem with “just having fun” in five years. You’re gonna have a big problem with just having fun. You don’t sound like you’re very aware of what’s going on, and you one of the hottest n—s on Earth.
Yachty: Well, what do you want me to say? Want me to say —
Budden: I want you to be aware of your business. I want you to know if you in the 360 or not. I want you to appreciate the culture that changed your life and took you from the college dorm room eating Oodles of Noodles. I want you, who’s well-spoken and articulates himself well —
Yachty: My nigga, chilllllll.

The internet had fun with this one. Check out the best memes created from Budden and Yachty's argument below.