"I need a photo with Drake
Because my Instagram is weak as fuck"

Such is life these days, in which an Instagram photo with Drake is a bucket list goal for many young rappers. Today, the King of Teens Lil Boat can officially cross it off his own, no doubt enjoying the benefits of a Quality Control roster spot. It stands to reason that Boat has been rolling tight with the Migos for a minute, having collaborated on the upcoming Glacier Boyz project among other endeavours. Clearly tagging along for the ongoing Aubrey & The Three Amigos tour, Lil Yachty found himself posting up alongside Drake for a mean-mugging photo.

The photo, captioned by QC with a simple pair of emojis, boat and owl for each respective parties, leaves one wondering if a collaboration will ever come to fruition. We've already seen Drake thrive alongside fellow QC artist Lil Baby, and it stands to reason that Boat could prove a worthwhile collaborator should the given track call for it. In the meantime, enjoy seeing two hip-hop stars linking up for a Kodak moment.