Well here's an "smh" moment if you need one this morning. Lil Xan has been the bad guy in the music industry for months now ever since he initially dissed Tupac in an interview with Revolt TV. As he attempts to reshape his image, tapering off of drugs and promising an album full of legitimate rap songs, this may have just set him back a few steps.

TMZ managed to capture a video of Lil Xan completely losing his cool at a mall food court on Monday, yelling at somebody and even hurling the n-word. The fight broke out in Indianapolis at Circle Centre Mall when Xan went after a man, berating him for an unknown reason. "I'm rich, n***a," the entertainer yells. We're not entirely sure what the artist was thinking when he thought it might be a good idea to throw around racial slurs but this will probably dig an even deeper hole for him.

His entourage ended up holding him back to avoid any physical altercation and, as heard in the video, a woman threatened to call the police on them. All of this is very messy.

Xan has been teasing a new project dropping soon on his Instagram. Does this affect your view of him?