Lil Xan and YBN Almighty Jay came up together roughly around the same period. They've recorded material together. Hell, they even consider themselves to be friends. Hence why Lil Xan deemed it necessary to speak up in the wake of Almighty Jay's public beatdown, which saw him lose several of his closely held vanity items. The public challenge took shape on the trusted channels of Instagram Live, where else?

As Lil Xan would have it, it takes a real "broke boy" to snatch a chain in the current era. In taking up the defensive cause of his friend Almighty Jay, Lil Xan wound up challenging the individuals who robbed his friend to try doing him the same. He even contemplated getting a chain of his own just to test his hypothetical toughness, in the event some goonery takes place.

"Try me when I get my chain" he exclaimed, not once but twice, Xan's words intended in part for the individuals who chased down YBN Almighty a couple of nights ago. The video footage tells the gripping story of a rogue rapper without a compass or roadside companion, the YBN rapper winding up on his sides, while a host of vengeful characters kicked him in the face, and reached for his chain, wallet, you name it.

Lil Xan further explained his stance by stating, "If you steal a chain, you're broke as shit bro," as if to say: please get your own bag and keep walking. Unfortunately, we don't have all too much information regarding the events that preceded the beatdown. If you'll recall, the narrator in the video alludes to a misunderstanding taking place in an elevator sometime before the beatdown was issued. If only Xan would have been there with YBN Almighty to even the odds, God knows what would have happened.