All the signs are pointing towards YBN Almighty getting jumped in the Big Apple sometime last night. Various social media channels are circulating footage depicting what appears to be YBN Almighty Jay face down on the ground, after getting by rushed a mob of seasoned New Yorkers.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

While information concerning the incident remains sparse at the present moment, the footage shot by the aggressors is actually quite telling, if not incriminating on both sides.

As you can see in the above video clip, YBN Almighty Jay is simply minding his own business when someone on the other side of the street spots him out, screaming, "is that the YBN n***a? Take his chain!" After which, the video's narrator, consequently the group's ringleader too, starts talking about an alleged altercation that took place in an elevator sometime in the past.

After being spotted in the dead of the night, YBN makes a run for it, coming up short, because once the video cuts and resumes, the very same narrator is close up to the action, instructing his friends/peers to collect the rapper's chain. One of the aggressors kicks YBN square in the forehead, forcing him to scurry to his feet.

The video cuts again to YBN's pants falling down, with the assailants quick to scoop up all the vanity items on his person. Coincidentally, just a few weeks ago, YBN Almighty was on the other end of a skirmish just like this one. In that instance, New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 played the victim. Stay tuned for updates to the story, if and when they become available.