Lil Wayne's merch run is growing by the hour. The first item announced under the Tha Carter V banner was a reasonably-priced (by merch-standards) airbrushed tee designed by Kanye-associate Heron Preston. Since then, a "Cactus Plant" crewneck sweater commemorating the release date. The "SEPT27" design pad on the sitting on the shoulder blade of the sweater challenges us to consider how resolute Lil Wayne had been over the final date. These conceptual designs are normally planned months in advance, and in this case probably hearken back to the rumored meetings Wayne attended in the month of June, concerning C5's rollout.

Bear in mind, the "Cactus Plant" crewneck appearing on his online store is only available as a pre-sale order. The final product will be delivered within a 4-5 week period, pending a credit check. Like most merchandizing efforts involving an album's release, sales of the "Cactus Plant" crewneck will include a digital copy of Carter V.

Be warned, if you purchase more than one item from Weezy's online store, make sure to uncheck the "split shipping option" or your sweater will arrive in 10-12 weeks. Oh and regrettably, due to complications arising from 'regional filters," digital albums will not be accorded to buyers outside the USA. The crewneck can be purchased here.