Lil Wayne's legal issues have piled on but it seems like some of them haven't gotten to his desk. Unfortunately, that means that Wayne's gotta cough up some dough for some of them. According to TMZ, a judge has ordered Weezy to cough up $150K in a lawsuit claiming that he created fake booking companies to set up fraudulent shows. So, it seems nearly improbable that Lil Wayne took time from recording or skateboarding to create a sham company for a few bucks. The reason he was hit with a $500K judgment is that he failed to fight the lawsuit against him.

Ramin Natan sued Lil Wayne and Migos earlier this year on claims that they were "Ponzi scheme artists" who created shell companies to take money for shows that they never even intended on performing at. Natan said that he gave out a $500K loan to another gentleman, Eric Strenger, who was allegedly promoting some Lil Wayne shows. The thing is, Natan believes Strenger lied about actually being a promoter and had issues with Wayne from the jump. Natan said Weezy took the $500K deposit but never actually took the stage or returned the money. 

Wayne ultimately never responded to the suit in the first place so the judge hit him with a default judgment. Whether or not he plans on fighting it remains unclear.