Lil Wayne joined the chorus of people paying respect to Cedric Benson, the ex-NFL running back who died last night after colliding with a minivan. Weezy, the consummate sports fan, roots for the Green Bay Packers, the team Benson played for in his final season in the NFL (2012).

Benson was at one time, a household name, especially during and immediately after his 4-year stint at the University of Texas where he collected tons of silverware and personal accolades on his way to being drafted. Weezy is noted as a loyal character. All it took was 5 games for Cedric Benson to ingratiate himself in the Packers lore, by Weezy's estimation.

"[Hands clasped emoji] For #32 Cedrick Benson and his fam," Weezy posted on Twitter this afternoon. "My condolences. Packer 4ever. Love everyday."

As reported, Benson and the female passenger he was riding with, were pronounced dead at the scene. The two individuals riding in the minivan that reared into his motorcycle escaped with minor injuries. The impact of the collision is said to have set off a blazing fire. More details are likely to emerge once the surviving members of the crash have taken sobriety tests, etc. Rest in power Cedric Benson, may peace be with you and your family.