Whenever rapper beef goes down, chances are it's going down at Club LIV in Miami. The famed (or infamous) club has been the spot of many a brawl, so much so we did a list on it. The latest beef, or should we say, almost-beef, involved Diddy and Lil Wayne.

TMZ reports that Weezy and Diddy were both at LIV on Sunday night, and sources say that Wayne approached Diddy in the V.I.P. section, next to the DJ booth, to simply say hello. However Wayne was unimpressed when Diddy's security stopped him and his crew, and asked to search them. Wayne, reportedly upset by this, ended up spilling his drink on one of the body guards, and thus things escalated between both posses-- there was shoving and yelling from both parties, but in the end, they decided to shake hands and walk away amicably.