Somebody broke JT's heart and it looks like the culprit may have been Lil Uzi Vert.

Although the two have not previously been linked in relationship rumors, they are currently meshed on social media as JT is complaining about how her man has been treating her. Referring to him as "toxic," JT went off on whoever is doing her dirty and all signs are pointing to that dude being Uzi.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

"It's like, get the fuck on. Every day, you wanna start with me. You wanna bring me down. You wanna see me cry like every day," said JT on Instagram Live. She ended up taking her frustration to Twitter.

"Fuck that dog ass n***a Forever I mean it toxic ass bitch," she wrote. The post was retweeted by L-U-V, who also added an emoji with his tongue sticking out.

While these rumors have not been confirmed by either side, the evidence was there that JT and Uzi were an item. In "Lo Mein," the Philly star raps that he "took JT out the city." Nobody really made the connection at that time though.

Do you think that Uzi is just trolling or did he go and break JT's heart? What do you think?