Lil Tay's fans have been worrying about the young social media star ever since her Instagram account went dark a few months ago. Their concern only grew when her account was revived with accusations against her father, Chris Hope. Since the situation has escalated to death threats and legal action, Lil Tay's manager has decided to speak on the issue through a series of uploads on his IG.

The first one addresses the situation from a general perspective. According to Harry Tsang, Lil Tay's life is being affected in negative ways by both her mother and her father. Although child abuse allegations have risen against her father, Chris Hope, Tsang insists the man only wants what's best for his daughter.

"I know many of you are concerned about the well being of Lil Tay. The truth is both Angela the mom and Jason the brother are unstable, they are standing in the way of Lil Tay’s successful career. Chris hope never asked for money from Lil Tay and all he wants it for Lil Tay to be successful and to live a happy life"

He lists a few conditions that would need to be met before Chris Hope would allow his daughter to make a social media comeback. 

  1. No more crazy videos from Lil Tay
  2. 25% gross income of earnings go into a trust fund for Lil Tay
  3. There is a structure put in place to the Lil Tay operation

Tsang breaks down the timeline of events as he knows it in parts 2, 3, and 4. He also details how he came to be involved with the family and dismisses all claims of abuse made against Chris Hope.