Lil Tay who is known for her boisterous flexing has faded from the public eye with her apparent absence from social media. Her account was wiped clean in June before the words "Help Me" were uploaded to her stories without further explanation. Her socials remained silent until this past weekend when an unnamed person who claims to have "worked with her in the past" took over her account.

Since then, a slew of alarming uploads filed through the account after it's reactivation, many of which related to her father, Chris Hope. According to the content, Lil Tay has endured an abusive relationship with Hope. A post claimed the father "often slept with different women with Tay in same bed" or "was naked around Tay" often.

In one instance, the account alleges the sister of Hope’s new partner “would scream at Tay and forcefully lock her in a dark closet for hours at a time for no reason, all with the knowledge and permission” of Hope.

"He banned her off of social media because he was afraid she would expose the TRUTH to the world, the truth of what he has done and hasn’t been punished for."

The latest is a strange warning to Hope that reveals a potentially damaging situation for every involved party.

"That Christopher John hope is upset with me revealing the truth about him. And because of this, he will be filing yet another expedited court order tomorrow morning that will have Tay placed in foster care, her mother arrested and this account confiscated, all because I released the truth about who he is. This is not something you want to do, Chris. I have a lot more dirt on you and this is just the beginning."