Lil Pump's one of the wildest young figures in music right now, of any genre. His music is a reflection of his persona and it seems like every single day, he's up to something wild. Most recently, the rapper revealed that he dropped $4.5M on a new house which many took as a response to J. Cole's criticism to the young generation on  K.O.D. outro, "1985." However, it looks like he's feeling more charitable these days as he took to Instagram to share an encounter he had with a homeless man.

Most people will hand over some change to a homeless person if they ask and Lil Pump is no different. The rapper documented his encounter with a homeless man as he walked down the street. The rapper gave the man a $20 bill before telling him not to buy crack with it.

"Ay man, I'm 'bout to give this man a 20." He said to the camera before directing his next comments to the man. "Don't buy no crack with that shit, man."

Lil Pump seems to want to get his Kanye on and put more positive energy into the world. However, the rapper has made it clear that $20 isn't a lot of money to him. Last week, the rapper aired out Google for screwing up his net worth and saying he's only worth $150K. He said, "$150K? That's what I wipe my ass with, h-e... I'm worth $10 mil, bitch!"