While I can look back on my early teenage years with fondness, it's hard to accept missing out on the generational talent that is Lil Pump. Fresh off his debut eponymous mixtape, the controversial Floridian rapper continues to captivate the youth, amassing a following of devotees who can scream the words of "Gucci Gang" with the fervor found in only the most spiritual of revival tents. And while older heads may roll their eyes at Pump, the video footage can speak for itself - he's killing it with the high school demographic. 

Apparently, iconic drummer Travis Barker is well familiar with the rapper's work, and recently went the extra mile to score some "cool dad" points. For his son Landon's fourteenth birthday, Barker came through with a massive backyard party, which was headlined by none other than the youngest flexer himself, Lil Pump. The extravaganza found over one hundred eager teenagers crowding around a stage while Lil Pump did his thing. Check out the video footage below, and lament the fact that your birthday will never look this lit. And no matter how you feel about Pump and his music, you can't deny that the kid is getting that bag. Even Blink 182 knows what's up. 

Pump's debut tape has been racking up some streams, and while it had moments that bordered on self-parody, at times, the rapper showed some glimmers of potential. If you're looking to catch Lil Pump live and direct, he's reportedly set to embark on a U.S tour, beginning with a Halloween show in Los Angeles. What do ya'll think about this backyard bash? Is Travis Barker a contender for father of the year, or are you one of those who deem Pump to be more of a curse than a gift?