Lil Pump has a preferred wardrobe. It regularly consists of a Gucci tracksuit, lots of ice, and a bad attitude. Much like the majority of people living in the United States, the "Gucci Gang" star was celebrating Thanksgiving last night but instead of being grateful for his family, friends, or anything of the sort, he decided to shout out all of his ice, his stacks, his tracksuit, and eventually he got to his fans.

The Florida native posted up in the bathroom as he yelled at the camera, wishing all of his supporters a happy Thanksgiving. As he held a blunt in his hand, he proclaimed, "I'm thankful for my Patek, I'm thankful for this chain with my face on it, I'm thankful for these shoes I got, I'm thankful for this Gucci suit I got on, I'm thankful for my 'Drug Addicts' chain, I'm thankful for these pounds I got on me, b*tch, I'm thankful for having you guys!" It seemed as though he might just run through all of his material possessions but finally, he got to something that actually matters: his fans. Pump may have been feeling a little sugar rush from the pumpkin pie before coming to his senses.

The artist spent some time at a recent concert to advocate for 6ix9ine's release from prison, leading fans in a "Free 6ix9ine" chant. Unfortunately, Tekashi didn't get to spend the holiday with his daughter last night as he remains locked up.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images