Even though he's not too big on the idea of showering everyday, Lil Pump is at least enthusiastic when it comes to grooming. That's what many of his Instagram followers found out the other day when he debut a new #BeardGang look that had many people, including the "I Love It" rapper himself, rolling over in laughing emojis.

"I grew a beard," Pump wrote as a caption to go with his grown-man makeover (seen above), and it actually doesn't look too bad on the young chap. Maybe it's the first step at leaving his teen years behind — Lil Pump turns 20 this August — but then again he could be simply trolling to illicit a response. Either way, his new look sure gave the masses a good laugh. From one person saying he looks "like a gta player," alluding to the hit video game series Grand Theft Auto, to others saying it looks like "fiber fill" and calling him "Big Pump," the jokes just kept on coming. One standout of course was Adam22 of No Jumper podcast fame writing, "That’s a lego beard." Now that's hilarious!

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