Lil Pump is a divisive figure in the hip-hop world, no doubt, but one thing that cannot be disputed is how well he knows and feeds his brand. With over 2 million followers on Instagram and a healthy fan base on Twitter and Facebook as well, he's one of rap's most successful social media presences - and he does it without pandering, which is perhaps a quality that crops up in posts shared by DJ Khaled's team a little too often. Recently, the Florida rapper was videod having an impromptu race with another social media star, "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli, that involved shopping carts.

The video, which has been getting a bunch of shares online, is short but just as unhinged as you'd expect it to be. Both him and Bregoli are sitting in separate shopping carts, with friends and/or posse members pushing them at good clips through the aisles of what looks like a clothing store. Her repeated refrain of "Don't kill me" is heard at ear-piercing volume, while shouts of excitement emanate from Pump and Bregoli's companions. No word on how the store mangers or owners took the stunt, but everyone on camera definitely seems to be having fun.

Aside from Pump's Speed Racer exploits, there's bigger music news of his to be had, including the release of a mixtape that he promises is coming really soon. He even shared a new video on his own Instagram page, potentially previewing some of the unreleased material that his fans are anxious to hear. Check that out below.

Again, the release date is just pure speculation right now, as there hasn't been even so much as a concrete hint from Pump as to when the new tape will be dropping. However, with the repeated plugs on Twitter and Instagram, it's not inconceivable that such a roll out will take place on an revamped, faster schedule. One thing is for sure: the young rapper has a large swath of supporters who will give his music some big ups online whenever it finally hits.