Lil Pump has recently come under fire for the lyrics of a new song called "Butterfly Doors." If you don't keep up with the youths these days, Pump previewed the song which contains the following lyrics: "Smokin’ on dope / They call me Yao Ming ‘cause my eyes real low (ching chong)."

The racial epithet did not go unnoticed, and he wound up being the center of a diss song from a Chinese artist, Lil Yijie, who released a song which, straightforwardly enough, is called "FXXX LIL PUMP." Lil Yijie wasn't alone though, Awkwafina, who you might recognize from the film Crazy Rich Asians and the internet in general, also took the time to call out Lil Pump for his choice of words.

It seems Pump is not oblivious to the controversy, and while taking to his Instagram page to wish his followers a happy holiday, he also dropped off an apology. "I came to tell you from my part that I'm sorry, and I apologize for posting that, it was not my intentions to hurt nobody, or do none of that, deadass. Cause I got Asian homies, you know, I fuck with everybody," he says in the clip. He ended the video by wishing everybody a Merry Christmas, encouraging his fans to spread love.

Watch it below. 21 Savage also had to an issue an apology of sorts lately, for his lyrical reference to "Jewish money."