Lil Pump caught a lot of flack earlier today after previewing what seems to be his next single, "Butterfly Doors." Pump is heard rapping, "Smokin' on dope/ They call me Yao Ming 'cause my eyes real low (ching chong)." While rapping the last part, the rapper also stretched his eyelids. Many found his comments and gesture insensitive and racist including Awkwafina who took to Twitter to put the rapper on blast.

Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina caught wind of the bar in Pump's upcoming track and she's clearly not impressed. "Always nice to hear a new song with a Ching Chong adlib. Guess it’s better than “eyes chink” like some other verses I’ve heard," she wrote on Twitter. "But can we at least think of some more creative racist epithets? @lilpump."

Pump isn't the only rapper to catch flack for making insensitive remarks towards the Asian community. Wiz Khalifa was previously criticized for rapping "Smoke got my eyes lookin' Korean," on Rolling Papers 2. The rapper denied that he was racist, claiming, "I have Korean friends who are not offended, so I don’t know those people who are saying that. My art is up for interpretation."

So far, Lil Pump has yet to respond to any of the flack and chances are, he probably won't anytime soon. However, it wouldn't be surprising to hear the official song released with a bar replacing the Yao Ming line.