Above all else, RIP Lil Peep. His frequent collaborator, producer Smokeasac, recently sat down with Genius to detail what went into the creation of the eery "Benz Truck." In the video, Smokeasac goes through his Digital Audio Workstation, giving the specifics on each step that went into the making of the Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 standout. Peep's legacy and icon continue to rise throughout the unfortunate circumstances of his death in 2017. 

Smokeasac touches on how he first met his to-be best friend via e-mail in 2014 and knew him simply as "Gus." The pair instantly hit it off and the producer sent a few beats for Peep to record over one of them, leaving Smokeasac impressed, saying, "I replied in all capitals, damn, you snapped." Smokeasac breaks down the production process step-by-step, revealing that he worked with Green Day producer Rob Cavallo and Juan Alderete, a bassist, to create the beat. 

Smokeasac deconstructs the song, from percussive elements to elements like the time it took them to record. The producer explains why Peep's vocals jump so much in the song, crediting a filter he used on the guitar to make the voice pop. Many artists have been attempting to recreate Lil Peep's mystique recently, but the truth remains that he was one-of-a-kind and will be dearly missed in the music world. Smokeasac has previously revealed that the sequel to Come Over When You're Sober could still be on the way. Watch the full video below to hear more about the process.