Last year, the game lost one of its most original up-and-comers, the emo-infused Lil Peep. After a tragic overdose claimed the young rapper's life, Peep's legacy was ended before it could truly begin; as such, his Come Over When You're Sober saga remained unfinished. And while Peep's producer and close friend Smokeasac previously confirmed the sequel would still be dropping, it's been a minute since we've heard any update on Peep's posthumous album. Today, the producer has given an update on the situation, confirming that Come Over When You're Sober Pt 2 is still on track - it simply might take a little longer.

"Come over when you're sober pt 2 is coming," wrote Smokeasac on Twitter. "It will be released when the time is right. Be patient for me and Gus please. Love you guys." From the sound of it, Peep's camp don't want to rush the release; one can only imagine how hard it must be to push your friend's music after he passed away. Still, it's good news for Peep's many fans, who have been eager to hear what the artist was working on before his untimely death. 

Back in December, Smokeasac proclaimed his intention to keep Peep's legacy alive, with music from Come Over When You're Sober Pt 2 and more. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming project, and RIP Lil Peep