If it were up to Lil Nas X, he would have already obtained a Nicki Minaj feature. The "Old Town Road" icon once helmed a Nicki Minaj stan account named "Nas Maraj," but when he was climbing the ladder of fame and was confronted with his past, the rapper denied he was a Barb. Receipts were pulled and screenshots were shared, yet Lil Nas X continued to give the "it wasn't me" answer. He later came forward to say that he was, indeed, Nas Maraj and profusely apologized to Nicki, adding that as a closeted gay rapper, he was afraid to reveal the truth. The Queen rapper accepted his apology while admitting that it hurt her feelings, and since that time, Nas X has done everything in his power to get on her good side so that they could one day collaborate.


"Okay, I had a stan account for some years," Lil Nas X told makeup artist James Charles. "I was pretty much a huge fan of Nicki. I mean, I still am. She's an icon. She's a legend. But I really wanted to step away from the account, especially [with] starting a music career and everything. I wanted to be my own person."

He previously stated that he knew that if he came forward as a Barb, his sexuality would be called into question and he wasn't ready to have that conversation as an aspiring rapper. Many of the Barbz still haven't forgiven him, even after his show-stopping Halloween costume. Check out his interview with James Charles below.