He's been a Nicki Minaj stan for years and now Lil Nas X wants a feature from the Queen rapper, badly. Prior to the fame, the "Old Town Road" crooner was once known online as "NasMaraj." When Lil Nas X became a superstar and was asked about his Barbz affiliation, he denied being a Barb. Nicki Minaj fans knew otherwise, and it was only until recently did the record-breaking rookie artist admit to his stan past.

Lil Nas X, Nicki Minaj
Roy Rochlin / Stringer / Getty Images

A fan asked Lil Nas X why he didn't just tell the truth, and he stated that he was afraid that people would out him for being gay. He hadn't yet come out, and while being a male Nicki Minaj fan doesn't necessarily make anyone homosexual, Lil Nas X was still afraid that he would be canceled as an artist before he was able to have his opportunity at stardom. Nicki later came forward to say that she was a tad bit hurt by his denial, but he once again explained his position and was apologetic.

Lil Nas X has been petitioning to have Nicki feature on one of his songs for his forthcoming project, but the"Trollz" rapper hasn't answered his call, at least not publicly. He returned to Twitter with an old clip of a man singing his apology in court, repeated saying how sorry he is. Lil Nas X tagged Nicki Minaj, but her fans spared no time telling him he shouldn' t ask her for anything. Time will only tell if Lil Nas X and his online pleading will result in a collaboration. Check out his tweet below.