Getting rich and staying rich are two very different things, as any one-hit-wonder artist might be willing to tell you. Getting your paper up is hard enough, and then you're supposed to avoid spending it on tigers and golden swimming pools? Apparently, yes. Rapper Lil Kim, while much more than a one-hit-wonder, never appeared to learn that lesson, as it was reported yesterday that she's allegedly $4 million in debt, forcing her to file for bankruptcy.

However, Lil Kim is all about her positivity and her optimism, and therefore has no reason to worry about having to settle her massive amount of personal debt. In a video on Instagram Live, Kim can be seen sitting at a restaurant with her daughter, Royal, when she gives some valuable advice to her fans: "If you're God's child, you can't be touched, boo!"

It's uncertain exactly how God will be helping her if the IRS comes knocking at her door, but Kim seems confident about her chances. Considering that she's offered to pay back her debtors $5500 a month to try and work down what she owes, she might want to consider making a couple plans of her own instead of relying on divine intervention. Perhaps she'll be able to take down a chunk of that debt if she manages to sell her New Jersey mansion for more than $100.

Whatever the case, hopefully Lil Kim manages to pull through this intact. You can check out the video of Lil Kim's advice for her fans down below.