E! has established itself over the years as the domain for reality television. They're responsible for the Kardashian's rise to fame as well as giving celebrities like the late Anna Nicole Smith and Ice-T reality television programs. While they continue to expand their reality television program portfolio, one of the newer shows on their itinerary is "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" where Henry meets with celebrities and acts as a spiritual receptor between celebrities and their deceased loved ones. The latest celebrity to close out their season is rapper Lil' Kim. 

In a teaser of their upcoming season finale, the rapper sits down with Tyler Henry where he begins to talk about someone in her life that died too early and her continuing his legacy in a musical form. Kim later confirmed that she's been working on music for him and he's on the records. 

"There is an acknowledgement the way it comes through of him basically bringing up this fact of 'soulmate, soulmate, soulmate'" saying that the spirit he's connected with is pretty insistent on the fact that Lil' Kim and himself were meant to be.

The connection grabs Kim by surprise. After he mentions the part of about the soulmate, she says that her palms are sweaty before the clip ends.

While during the episode, there's no mention of Biggie however, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the clairvoyant medium later confirmed that it was indeed the late Brooklyn rapper. 

"Biggie came through! So that was a whole thing he referred to -- a project that was a secret that she was working on that was dedicated to him." Tyler said, "She handed me his coat that he used to wear and I had it draped over me."

Lil Kim wasn't married to the rapper but had a known affair with him while he was married to Faith Evans. Faith herself said in an interview with Vlad that she was oblivious to the affair between the two rappers. 

The full episode of Lil Kim on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry will be airing Wednesday night on E!

Watch the trailer of the episode right here: