Fresh on the heels of her recent "Nasty One" single, the legendary Lil Kim has once again found her name in lights. It would appear that fans have found themselves enamoured with the hip-hop icon, and have gravitated to her definitive projects accordingly. As such, both Hard Core and Notorious K.I.M. have found themselves on the hip-hop sales charts. Clearly, Kim fever is brewing, as evidenced by Stefflon Don's recent album cover. Perhaps all this talk of hip-hop "Queens" has her once again setting sights on the crown.

"THIS IS UNBELIEVABLY INSANE!!!," writes Kim, taking to Instagram to share the news. "My 2 little babies Hard Core and Notorious K.I.M. are re-charting and running the victory lap!! Thank you to everyone for the support!!" It's made all the more impressive given the fact that Kim's two projects have been released since 1996 and 2000, respectively, and have seeming earned enough momentum to find themselves occupying the 6th and 30th spots (at the time of writing this).

Granted, it's always nice to see an increased interest in glory days hip-hop, and hopefully older classics can continue to find a second wind later on in their shelf lives. Congrats to Lil Kim for this one.