If there's one thing about Lil Durk, you know he's going to ride for his girl. On Drake's song "In The Bible," Smurk spends time promoting his girlfriend India Royale's cosmetics brand in his lyrics, noting that Drake's songs always end up getting over a billion streams, so he's using his feature to elevate her company. Popping up on Nicki Minaj's Instagram Live on Thursday night, Durkio continued his promotional streak, using Nicki's platform to hawk India's cosmetics again, and promising to send a care package in the mail.

Before jumping on the live stream, Lil Durk commented on the page and told Nicki, "Ima gone send you some of India cosmetics [blue heart] ima say it first." When Nicki invited Durk to join her in the video, he spoke about India's plans for Valentine's Day before Nicki complained that the Chicago rapper never sends her any of India's products. It sounds like Durk and India have been meaning to send some things Nicki's way, and they'll make it a priority now that she's pointed it out. Sometimes, it pays to be blunt.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

It's refreshing to see Durk riding so hard for his girl. With India's business continuing to boom, Durk is getting all of his friends on board, making sure the hip-hop community is well aware that India is getting all the girls looking right all year round.

Check out Durk and Nicki's exchange below.