Joyner Lucas has been putting in work for a minute. Most recently, the lyricist has made headlines over his spontaneous "beef" with Tory Lanez, which prompted a pair of sportsmanship-fuelled "diss tracks" from each respective party. Though neither has admitted it thus far, it should be noted that each track has become increasingly personal, with Joyner's recent "ZEZE" toeing the line between healthy competition and full-blown diss territory. In any case, hard bars have been served by both artists, prompting many rappers to pay attention to the lyricists in a big way. Including breakout artist Lil Baby.

Taking to Twitter, Baby hit Joyner with a backhanded compliment of sorts, in which the compliment outweighed the backhanded nature; after all, it's better to be lesser-known and dope, than ubiquitous and lackluster. "Whoever the fuck Joyner Lucas Is That N***a hard af," writes Baby, prompting Joyner to reach out for a collaboration. Clearly, Lucas understands the commercial viability of Baby, for he has certainly gone for the jugular over less. In any case, it's dope to see Lucas get a co-sign from an unexpected source; clearly, Lil Baby has love for the art of lyricism, and one has to wonder if the collaboration will eventually materialize.