Lil Baby entered the stage like a real breadwinner a few days go. For his scheduled performance of "Yes Indeed" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lil Baby started things off from the driver side of his emerald green Mercedes-Benz GT Coupe. The camera crew followed his every movement as he quelled his nerves from his car and adjusted his eyes as though he'd been deprived of sunlight for doors. After brushing himself off once more, the QC rapper found a confident walking stride, he maintained through the venue's pearly gates and onto the stage.

Jimmy Kimmel plugged his album Harder Than Ever, while Drake's introductory verse on "Yes Indeed" played in the background. Baby parlayed his forward movement into the song, taking up the chorus once the recording stopped, without alerting the tour deejay to run a switch. For once, Kimmel looked to buck the misperception of rap in the eyes of late-night audiences.

Instead of making mild concessions, Kimmel brought in a hip hop crowd, and staged the performance in a more appropriate venue, on two fronts: on a level of reception and of acoustics.

At its very peak, "Yes Indeed" was the number one song on Billboard's On-Demand Streaming Songs chart.