Lil B's dreaded curse is something that is feared throughout the entire sports world. If Lil B decides to hex your team, you know you'll have no success until he decides to lift the curse. That's just the way it is. The Based God has significant powers that go beyond just music and Ja Rule tried to channel the California rapper by telling the Minnesota Timberwolves they would not win a championship in the next 30 years. Performing at the halftime show in Milwaukee over the weekend, Ja's set was met with utter silence from the crowd. The awkwardness spewed onto Twitter with the curse being handed out but, as Ja Rule should know by now, only one man has that power. 

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Lil B took a break from reposting photos of half-naked girls writing his name all over their bodies so that he could have the final say against Ja Rule. The Wolves official account quoted Fyre Festival attendees by saying that they were "bamboozled, hoodwinked and lead astray" by Ja Rule's performance. Lil B was unimpressed with Ja's curse on the team, responding in the form of a repost. "Only @LILBTHEBASEDGOD has power to curse," retweeted B. 

We'll see if the Timberwolves experience any success in the coming years. Maybe Ja Rule has been drinking out of the Lil B superpower fountain.