Well here’s a wild story. Former Philadelphia Phillies legend, Lenny Dykstra, is making accusations that his former friend, actor Charlie Sheen, plotted the murder of his old personal assistant. In a new report via The Hollywood Reporter, Dykstra says Sheen casually confessed to being the mastermind behind the overdose death of his personal assistant Rick Calamaro.

Calamaro, who had worked as Sheen's right-hand man during the actor's 2011 public meltdown, was found dead in his apartment “lying face-up in his bed beside a bottle of Jack Daniel’s” back in 2012. However, the Los Angeles County coroner would eventually rule that an accidental overdose was the cause of his death.

Dykstra was in jail when Calamaro died, serving time for auto theft and lewd conduct, but when he got out, he says he asked Charlie what happened to Calamaro, and Charlie replied: ““You mean Dead Rick? What f---ing happened is the mother----r tried to blackmail me just like you said, wanted $5 million. I had him f---ing iced.”

Dykstra said he was convinced Calamaro was working on a tell-all book about Sheen’s life, and the actor went to extreme measures to prevent its release. Dykstra said Sheen openly bragged that he had a hot dose, which was a lethal drug mix added to Calamaro's stash.

Since these allegations were made, Charlie Sheen's lawyer Shane Bernard has responded to the report and challenged Dykstra's credibility, citing the former MLB player's “laundry list” of criminal convictions to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to this reports, Dykstra is also planning on releasing a new documentary about Sheen’s life, and he said he isn't at all fearful of the consequences. “Charlie is getting what he deserves,” he said. “When you've been where I've been, I'm not afraid of anything.”

You can read the full in-depth interview over at The Hollywood Reporter.