This may not come as news to those on the Left Coast, in states like Colorado, California, and Oregon, but the rest of you, whose gas consumption is still seen as criminal behavior, might be surprised to discover that the legal weed industry raked in $5 billion this year. 

And according to a study conducted by ArcView Market Research, reported on by Fortune magazine, the combined sales of the legal bud industry could reach a whopping $21.8 billion in the next four years. 

The projected boom takes into account that about a dozen states are currently reevaluating their marijuana laws. Of those states, many are approaching a more relaxed stance toward the psychoactive/potentially medicinal herbal substance. 

Of course, some parts of the country are still intent on making sure that possession of the drug remains a punishable offense. More often than not, those convicted of marijuana charges tend to fall prey to racial and/or socioeconomic bias.

And lastly, if the country elects some snake like Ted Cruz to the presidency, who knows what could happen to the mass-production of our beloved greenery.