If there was ever an athlete who could make national headlines for eating tacos with his family every Tuesday, it would be LeBron James. While some people cringe and flinch at even the mention of "Taco Tuesday," there is no denying that it has taken social media by storm as we delve deeper into one of the more slower times of the sports season. These past few weeks, LeBron has been ramping up his Taco Tuesday efforts and has even been enjoying the delicious snack while filming the latest Space Jam film. 

On Tuesday night, Anthony Davis appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he spoke about the time he got to attend LeBron's infamous taco feast. As it turns out, LeBron is very serious about the tradition and even has a ton of options for everyone that's there.

“(Taco Tuesday) is a real tradition (for LeBron and his family),” Davis explained. “His chef does a great job. He has a combination of everything. But LeBron is on this little diet, so he has his own thing. We got hard and soft shell tacos… all types of vegetables. It’s a real tradition.”

Taco Tuesday was recently transformed into a bit of an EDM remix which is not just hilarious but also kind of obnoxious depending on how you look at it.