LeBron James was on a mission this Summer to make the Los Angeles Lakers one of the best teams in the league. For the past few months, James was lobbying the Lakers to trade for Anthony Davis and last month, he finally got his wish. Now, the two seem to be inseparable and are excited to be the best dynamic duo in the league. Whether it's at Summer League games or press conferences, LeBron and AD have taken every opportunity to bond and become closer as friends and as teammates.

The Lakers star's latest attempt to bond with AD came in the form of the mythical Taco Tuesday. Every Tuesday, James hops on Instagram and wins father of the year awards everywhere as he gets his wife and kids pumped up about some good old tacos. The videos he posts from the taco night are usually extremely wholesome and make you question why anyone would ever hate on LeBron. Last night though, James invited Davis to his house and be a part of his extended family.


Davis fit in pretty nicely and seemed to be just as shy as LeBron's kids when it came time to yell "It's taco Tuesday" like a maniac. 

On the surface, Davis enjoying some Tacos with LeBron doesn't seem like much of a big deal at all but it does speak to the larger picture of the Lakers franchise. It's clear that LeBron and Davis have a great relationship and this will surely translate to the court come October.