Anthony Davis' trade to the Los Angeles Lakers was the offseason's earliest major announcement, but according to the basketball star, he found out about the deal just like most of the general population, by scrolling Instagram.

In a recent press conference, Davis revealed that at the time his agent did try to contact him. However, he was in his hotel room watching a film and part of his routine is to refrain from taking phone calls or texts while enjoying a movie.

"In the middle of a movie, I don't really like to answer phones and text," he explained. "He called me again [...] I was like wait, let me call him back."

He adds that he called back afterward but got his agent's voicemail in return. He then took to Instagram to see what was up.

"Me being a 26-year-old, I went straight to Instagram and started looking, that's when I saw it," he confirmed.

While minute, it is yet another interesting storyline to add to the frenzy that has been this year's free agency period.

So far, fans have seen their favorite squads shaken up, while new legacies take root as Kevin Durant heads to Brooklyn, AD joins Lebron James in Los Angeles, and Kahwi Leonard also make his way to the City of Angels to post up on the rival Clippers squad among a number of other high-profile decisions.