When someone gets put on to the rich life, do they owe it to family and friends to take care of them? On the latest episode of LeBron James' new HBO show The Shop, the Lakers star sits down with some of his famous friends to discuss whether they feel responsible for giving their loved ones money now that they have fat bank accounts. In a sit down with Meek Mill, Jerrod Carmichael, Anthony Davis, 2 Chainz, and others, the group openly shares their thoughts, and not everyone thinks they need to financially provide.

“I don’t owe nobody s**t," Meek Mill said. "Who you gonna please? I tell people, if you give your cousin $10,000, what you gon give your aunt? You gon’ give your aunt $20,000 because she babysitting? What you gon' give your grandma? It's never gon' stop."

"I tell you what," 2 Chainz interrupts. "I take care of my whole...sometimes I don't even enjoy my day because of me feeling like I'm so responsible for everybody, I'm talking about uncles, aunts."

Jerrod Carmichael said that once you make it, you sometimes forget about all the "hood promises" you make to people when you were poor. "My aunt hit me and was like, 'Remember that condo in Florida you were talking about?'" he said as everyone started laughing. "I needed your couch. All you said was, 'Oh yeah, keep working hard.' That's not worth a $250,000 condo. I owe you a Lexus now, because you believed."

Do you think that the rich and famous should take care of their family members?