NBA star LeBron James just received quite the honor from Nike. The brand has announced that they've named their new building at their Beaverton, Oregon World Headquarters after the Los Angeles Lakers forward. James has been affiliated with Nike since he was drafted back in 2003 and according to Nike's website, the LeBron James Building will be the home to the brand's Advanced Innovation team with an unprecedented Sport Research Lab.

James shared his excitement about the building on Instagram by calling it all "surreal" and saying when he found out about it, he was "literally shedding tears" at the news. "You guys know where I come from but if you don’t I come from the inner city projects, single mother, only child, and statistics would suggest I would never EVER make it out let alone be alive still to tell you about it," he wrote.

"Now I’ll have my own building at the Nike Head World Quarters where my family and I legacy will live on forever," James continued. "The home of the Advance Innovation team and new state of the art Nike Sports Research Lab! Everything will get made and lab tested in my building! Like WHAT?!?!? THIS IS BEYOND CRAZY‼️ I wanna thank Nike once again for taking a chance on a 18 year old kid from Akron, OH. I’m proud to be #SwooshLifeForLife." Congrats!