LeBron James has been doing some big things with his media company Uninterrupted and now, he's trying to stand up for football players with his latest endeavor called the "Glass Helmet Project." Within this project will be a campaign called "They Will Be Seen" and its all centered around giving football players a voice and making them see more human then they appear in their uniforms. 

As James explains in a video posted to the Uninterrupted Twitter account, football players aren't as visible because of their helmets and this has led to them being characterized as less than human. Huge expectations are thrust upon football players and fans don't want them to speak up for themselves. With the "Glass Helmet Project," James is trying to make fans realize that football players are human too and are more than just the sport they play.


"The meaning behind it is: All these great athletes that play our wonderful sport of football, will be heard and will be seen," LeBron said. "Because they are, at the end of the day, they are people as well."

Some of the football players who are a part of the project are Saquon Barkley, Benny Snell, Miles Boykin, Alex Mattison, and Damian Harris just to name a few.

It remains to be seen how this whole initiative will play out but for now, it seems like the football world is excited about what's in store.