One of the biggest debates surrounding the sports world over the last few years has been whether or not college athletes should be paid. While many fans believe they are paid in a free college education, some feel as though they should at least be able to make money on the side considering the schools profit off of their likeness in the form of jersey sales. The NCAA has extremely strict rules against player compensation and it has led to some pretty egregious suspensions over the last few years. Student-athletes want fairer treatment when it comes to splitting the pie, especially with their coaches making millions of dollars.

California is looking to be a progressive state in this aspect with bill SB-206 which is also known as the Fair Pay To Play bill. Essentially, it would allow student-athletes in the state to profit off of their likeness being used. This would be a huge win for college athletes and could even lead to some much-needed change across the country. The bill is even being supported by the likes of LeBron James who took to Twitter to urge California politicians to support the bill.

LeBron never went to college but as a high school basketball player, his likeness was used all throughout his come up and he wasn't allowed to make a dime. He knows what it feels like to be exploited so it shouldn't be a surprise that he would want to throw his support behind something of this magnitude.

Only time will tell whether or not this bill takes off and makes a positive change in the amateur sports world.