Lauryn Hill has been known to take her time getting to the stage, but her show in Atlanta, Georgia last night took her tardiness to the extreme. Scheduled to hit the stage at 8, Lauryn managed to infuriate even the fans who expected a delay when she only showed up around 10:30, performing for about a half an hour before her mic was promptly cut off at 11 to comply with noise curfews in the city. According to Reporter Jewel Wicker, Hill claimed that her driver's lack of proper directions was responsible for her lateness.

The Chastain Park Amphitheatre attendees made sure to make their dissatisfaction known on social media, and the sincere disappointment became the butt of jokes from those who decided against shelling out for tickets, making for a an all-out roast on Twitter.

It wasn't all bad, as Lauryn did make an effort to continue singing past her cutoff, and took some photos with her fans. Unfortunately, the memes (complete with crying jordans) haven't slowed at all. Check out some of the things Twitter and Instagram users had tos ay about the show below.