There are many iconic images of the late Nipsey Hussle. Some of them can be found in the GQ piece that was published just weeks before his passing, titled "Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London: California Love". London recreated one of those shots in the video for new collaboration with Puma, which was unveiled yesterday. In the "Forever Stronger" ad, she is seen standing alone on the same street where Nipsey had once been photographed, wearing an outfit similar to his. Many on social media commended her for taking this powerful image. 

Photographer, Jermaine Williams, took to Instagram yesterday to discuss the power of another image. He shared the story of when he photographed Nipsey, which resulted in three portraits. He posted the shots on Instagram, which resulted in Nipsey's sister, Samantha Smith, getting one of them tattooed on herself. His posts also lead to him coming in contact with London, whom he decided to gift with a print of one of the portraits, in which Nipsey stares at the lens and holds his head high. Williams explains how many people had attempted to buy the photo of Nipsey, but he only felt it was right for it to go to London. His latest Instagram post shows him standing beside London - who is dressed in the same beige outfit seen in the Puma video - as she holds the print of Nipsey. "Mission completed!," Williams wrote.