COVID-19 has affected millions of people throughout the world and in the United States, it continues to get worse as over 3,000 people died from the virus, yesterday. Numerous sports leagues have been affected as a result, including the NFL which has had to go through numerous different outbreaks this season. One of the players who caught the virus is wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald who recently spoke to the media about just how bad his experience was.

According to reporter Kimberley A. Martin, Fitzgerald noted that he still can't taste or smell anything, which is a symptom that many have taken notice of over the past few months. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald noted that he felt horrible for a few days and even lost nine pounds. The Cardinals superstar claimed he even re-wrote his will.

Numerous NFL players have caught the virus this season, most notably Lamar Jackson who even had to miss a game as a result of catching it. Dez Bryant was the latest notable name to be given a positive test and as the season marches forward, there is a real chance that even more superstars could catch it, especially with the playoffs coming up.

Simply put, the virus is very much real and it's important to stay safe out there.

Larry Fitzgerald

Norm Hall/Getty Images