No one expected for the Cancel Culture to come for Lana Del Rey, but after she penned a lengthy open letter, things took a turn on Thursday (May 21). In the note, Lana Del  Rey writes that throughout her career, she's been criticized for her lyrical content. She pens songs about staying in relationships that aren't healthy or other matters that critics claim are glorifying abuse because, according to the singer, they come from a woman writing about her truth. In turn, in Lana's recent controversial letter, she stated that because other female artists like Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Kehlani, Ariana Grande, and Camila Cabello have been allowed to own their truths and top the charts by singing about whatever they want, it's time for people to stop shaming her for doing the same thing.

Lana Del  Rey
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Immediately, people began to comment that Lana Del Rey was shading all of the women she listed in her letter, and because they're mostly women of color, the singer was labeled as a racist. While it seemed as if she was looking to speak about allowing women to express themselves however they like, Cancel Culture went wild and blasted Lana Del Rey throughout all social media platforms for being shady.

The Shade Room shared a screenshot of a comment Lana reportedly left on Instagram about the controversy. "Bro. This is sad to make it about a WOC issue when I'm talking about my favorite singers. I could've literally said anyone but I picked my favorite f*cking people," she wrote. "And this is the problem with society today, not everything is about whatever you want it to be. It's exactly the point of my post - there are certain women that culture doesn't want to have a voice it may not have to do with race I don't know what it has to do with. I don't' care anymore but don't ever ever ever ever bro- call me racist because that is bullsh*t." Check it out below.