Lamar Odom resurfaced on the scene not too long ago when he released his memoir Darkness To Light that made the New York Times best-selling list. His book touched on the dark happenings of his past with drug addiction and his infidelity to his former wife Khloe Kardashian. Lamar has previously referred to Khloe as "an angel" that he lost and he's now opened to TMZ further on how he wants to make amends with the family. 

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"Doing reality TV and being married to Khloe, besides having children and besides me doing this motivational speaking that I'm going to start doing, that was the most memorable part and the best part of my adulthood. So, there's nothing I regret about that," he said. "And, hopefully, me going to public speaking can even bring me closer to the Kardashians and help me rebuild that bridge."

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"I put my all into that marriage," Khloe previously stated of her time with Lamar. "I think, me knowing I could survive that and, like, it's going to be OK and life gets better, but I look at life from always a positive aspect. I would've rather experienced those moments that I had of greatness and then I had to lose it, than never to have experienced that ever."

Only time will tell if the exes reunite.