This recent soundbite courtesy of Lamar Odom really marks the occasion of baby unveilings quite fittingly. His ex Khloe Kardashian is nearly 8 months pregnant.

“I know if she can take care of a grown man for four years, the way she took care of me — yeah, I know she can take care of a baby,” 

Between Lamar's addiction to candy and his penchant for not taking good care of himself, it's no stretch of the imagination to compare him to a full blown toddler.

Lamar had been noticeably bitter regarding their divorce in recent months. We can assume those feelings are tied with the baby announcement. Can you fault him for pressing up against that knot in his stomach when  seeing a woman you love(d) make due with another man?

In this interview however he seems to be appreciative of his time with Khloe, admitting that her new child was going to be spoiled, maybe as spoiled as he was under her care, especially during his near longwinded hospital stays.

The full interview will air on Access Live on Monday. Stay peeled.