Lamar Odom has undergone a change of heart, concerning his fallout with Ice Cube's BIG3. Shortly after being cut by the organization, Odom published a longwinded statement in which he decried his "poor treatment" at the hands of the upper management. Most of all, his press release demonstrated a certain degree of embarrassment, the likes of which his younger self would have found nearly impossible to discern; such is the case.

Just yesterday, a TMZ field reporter bumped into Lamar on the street, asking him to elaborate on his previous position (of embarrassment). Interestingly enough, Odom was of a different mindset this time around. "I guess it was miscommunication, but it's over," Odom said of his release from BIG3. "I wish them well, all the success. And blessings to Ice Cube and anyone that has anything to do with the BIG3. And I hope the Enemies win."

For those of you who weren't keeping track, Lamar Odom had signed on with the BIG3 before the launch of the 2019 Season and was thus transferred to the Enemies, captained by former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas. Things didn't exactly go as planned, for all parties, as Odom's compete-level was questioned on several occasions, by pundits, coaches, and regular joes alike.